Fórmula Tango - Lucila Cionci & Rodrigo "Joe" Corbata

Wer sind Lucila Cionci & Rodrigo "Joe" Corbata?

Lucila Cionci and Rodrigo "Joe" Corbata have a comprehensive training in Tango dance, they are teachers and choreographers with more than 25 years of experience.

In 2007 they founded “Fórmula Tango”, a common project through the union of years of individual experience in shows and festivals.

They are internationally recognized thanks to their participation in important Tango shows and numerous important Tango Festivals around the world:
Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Holland, Slovenia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Canada, United States, Argentina.

Places where "Joe" and Lucila showed an original teaching philosophy, obtaining an excellent response from the public and from students of all levels.

They participated in the most important dinner shows in Buenos Aires such as:
“Piazzola Tango”, “El Viejo Almacén”, “Madero Tango”, “La Ventana”, “Señor Tango” and “Taconeando”.

Also internationally famous shows such as:
“Tango Vivo” and “Nuit Blanche” by Unión Tanguera Company, “Corazón a Corazón” by Zaraza Tango Company and “Otango” by Otango Ultimate Show.

Lucila & "Joe" directed the show "Glosario Tanguero" in one of the most important festivals of Tango, in Tarbes France.

Among the individual experiences we can highlight Lucila's participation in the Opera Carmen in 2008 at the National Opera of the Coliseum Theater in Covent Garden in London under the direction of the Oscar winner Sally Potter.

Joe has been the director, choreographer and performer for many years of his own company called "Tango Bizzarro" where he produced for many years tours and performances in Asia, South America and South Africa with a large group of artists.

For years they have participated as Jurors of the World Tango Championship organized by the government of the city of Buenos Aires.

In the didactics they focus on the connection, the musicality and the organicity of the body, the comfort in the couple and the search for the personal style of each one.

There classes are oriented to apply immediately on the dance floor.
The love for Tango, the experience and the constant search and evolution of the dance are the essence of its philosophy. His way of dancing surprises for its great plasticity and expressiveness, showing innovative choreographic elements and a particular and personal way of improvising.

In their dance they fuse the organicity of movement, harmony, musical body expression and connection to create a unique and personal dance, always respecting the essence.